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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 28, 2014 5:00am-5:55am EST

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>> a teenager is dead and a shooter on the loose after an overnight shooting in the district. more than 40 people out in the river called after an apartment building catches fire. the situation in ukraine is getting more tense. at 5:00ning washington a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. the good news is we made it to friday. let's get over to jacqui jeras.
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she has more on the frigid temperatures this morning. >> it is more like late sunday night into monday, morning they monday event. today is going to look great. sunshine, yes. warm temperatures, no. we are waking up to teens and single digits. this is the coldest day of the week. six degrees in hagerstown. 10 in winchester. 16 in d.c. annapolis, 16. it is going to be a frigid friday. it will look good with plenty of sunshine. saturday is looking calm but the clouds will increase throughout the weekend. our big storm arrives sunday night into monday.
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we are expecting a little bit of snow,hing, rain, sleet, and freezing rain the coming a big concern. more details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we will start off the construction along new york avenue inbound. this could cause major issues on the morning commute. we are getting moderate brake lights on new york avenue inbound. as you approach florida, you can see brake lights and you can see in the left we have a live shot of a crash along 395 northbound. in looks like it has just cleared. right lane now open inside the beltway in virginia. we head over to our maps. a new crash in stafford along
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route 17. all lanes blocked in both directions because of a serious crash. this could be closed for the next three to four hours. needs toin stafford, be avoided in your mning commute. back over to torture and jummy -- back over to autria and jummy. >> a woman was shot and killed overnight on j street in northeast. her name has not been released. in officiating left a teenager dead. >> that shooter is still on the loose. john gonzalez has the latest on what we know. good morning. >> the shooter still on the loose this morning. detectives will be very busy trying to find the gunman in the city's latest homicide.
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it appears this is the 22nd murder this year in d.c. alone. we understand the victim was in his late teens. that is what police are telling us. he was approached in the bellevue neighborhood in southeast, d.c. he was shot and killed on the street. this happened a mile from the seventh district police station on alabama avenue. the shops running out just blocks from the high school. there are reports that he was a beaulieu student. his identity has not been released. this happened around 8:30 last night. police taped off a large area. this was one of two fatal shootings in the district. a woman was killed around northeast. homicides are up 75% this year.
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reporting live, john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> dozens of people this morning are left without a home. inbrianne carter is live springfield with more on this fire that sent dozens into the cold. >> dozens now out of their home after this fire that happened late last night. fire officials believe it happened in a first floor area and then spread into a hallway and into the stairwell. a dozen people were treated on the scene. two others were taken to the hospital. the red cross is helping to find people another place to stay. officials say the investigation is ongoing. >> thank you. smartphones could be losing a lot of momentum.
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we will tell you why. >> but first another check of your frigid friday forecast. today is the coldest day of the week. jacqui is keeping a close eye on mondays forecast.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with autria godfrey, jummy olabanji, jacqui jeras weather and amanda meadows traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there could be much lies and flooding in california. up to an inch of rain per hour is possible. ofre is the likelihood rockslides. >> they cannot catch a break in california. >> we are dealing with the cold today. >> that system in california that is making its way on shore today is a storm system we need to watch very carefully throughout the weekend. it will be on our doorstep sunday night into monday. there could be a wintry mix,
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sleet and snow, depending on where you live. we will get a better handle once we get a better sampling of what we think it is going to do. friday is here but it is the coldest day of the week. february is making its mark for the end of the mark. hour wind diminished a bit through the overnight hours. singleown into the digits and even subzero in some spots. airports. ellis negative one in martinsburg -- 2 below at dulles airport. grant the sunglasses. sunglasses. temperatures into the 20's by the noon hour. we will be flirting with the freezing mark later today.
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more on the potential with the storm is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we are starting off in virginia. all lanes closed down in route 17 in stafford county. this will be along 17 just past poplar lane. be prepared and expect to be on this for the next three to four hours. closures at hartford church road on southbound route 17 for the next three to four hours. things are moving along nicely on 66 and the dulles toll road. no problems on the beltway on the virginia or maryland side. moving right along in the other loop at montgomery county. no vehicle restrictions on the bay bridge.
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ins is a live shot silver spring. are traffic tracker is moving at a good clip. now back over to you. >> growing tensions this morning. >> more on the situation in ukraine. militants around one of the biggest airports. 5:12. 13
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>> this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are back. police investigating a homicide. a woman was shot and killed on j street northeast. her name has not been released. a teenage boy was also killed in the district in southeast. so far no arrests have been made. 45 people are displaced after a fire in springfield. it caught fire surely after 10:30 last night. 13 people were treated for smoke in relation. it is still unclear what caused that fire. >> new developments from ukraine.
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russia's military is blocking an airport. patrollingd men were a second airport nearby. russian authorities have refused to comment. we're standing by for a news conference by viktor yanukovych. he is not been seen publicly since saturday. >> the funeral is set for 2:00 this afternoon. the mayor died after battling lung cancer. she was 76. she served on the town council of thvienna. of delegates committee will hold a hearing on medical marijuana bill which would create clear rules for qualified patients and law enforcement. it would put in place a system and would protect patients from discrimination. supporters plan to hold a news
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conference at noon. >> 5:15. we want to talk about the weather. man, it is cold. >> it is a biting cold. gloves if you'll be out for more than three minutes. >> we were talking about 60's a week ago. >> march starts tomorrow. we will warm up a little bit this weekend. a winter storm will be coming down the pike sunday night into monday. there could be a messy start to the workweek. temperatures are merely in the teens. 16 at reagan national. when you add in the wind, is feeling subzero in a few spots. it feels like 2 in d.c.
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it feels like 5 in lexington park and negative one in martinsburg. our skies are clear as a bell. that allows all the heat to escape into space. we are staying very frigid this morning. we will see lots of sunshine throughout the day. we take a trip to california. you can see the big swirl associated with a powerful storm. this is the biggest storm they have seen in the past two years. what is going to happen is able ride along the jetstream or that fast ribbon affair that divides the cold and the warm air and it and move through the plains make its way to our doorstep. the models are differing very forecastit is a tricky
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because we will be on the cusp of getting something of everything. expect to see snow further north and west and expect to see rain for everybody and we will probably finish late on monday with some snow for everybody. specific totals are still tricky at this time. mostly sunny and cold today. high temperatures around 30 degrees or so. increasing clouds tonight. 20's into the city. tomorrow sunny, 41 to 46 degrees. we will stay on the cool side throughout much of next week. march is roaring and like a lion. quitefar we have conditions on the morning commute. the morning commute is more like a lamb. route 17 southbound has always
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closed in stafford because of a tractor-trailer crash. this may stay closed for the next three to four hours. you want to avoid this through the morning commute. route 17 southbound is shut down. things are looking good on the major interstates as you move into her the district. new york avenue inbound at florida, the right side is getting by due to construction. the beltway is moving along nicely. a couple of live shots to show you. it is starting to build just a bit. we're starting to see brake lights on the northbound side of 95 in virginia. that will be coming up from 123 towards woodbridge. back over to you. >> and ms. on is looking to get
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>> 5:25. welcome back. there was a fire at the historic majestic hotel in hot springs, arkansas. it was closed in 2006 and was boarded up after it was uninhabitable. no one was inside when the fire started. >> a cemetery agreed to an $80 million settlement in a lawsuit that claims it dumped human remains from hundreds of graves. the owners agreed to the deal while a trial was ongoing. the lawsuit claimed managers ordered employees to remove remains to make room for more graves. the settlement involves about 25,000 families.
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officials are standing by their decision to fire an unmarried pregnant teacher. woman school terminated a last month. her supporters delivered a petition urging the church to reverse the decision. the petition has more than 22,000 signatures. said, we should have more mercy and less church rules. >> it is unlikely he would reverse the decision. >> the bishop said he is saddened by the recent events and there are no easy answers. to your friday morning with temperatures in the teens. >> we could simply dealing with even more winter weather.
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street in northeast. her name has not been released. a teenager is also dead. >> john gonzalez is live in northwest with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. busytives will be very working to try to track down the gunmen in the latest homicide. this appears to be the 22nd murder already this year in d.c. we are told the effect him was in his late teens. the young man was approached on halley terrace in the bellevue neighborhood in southeast d.c. last night. he was shot and killed on the street. this happened about a mile from the seventh district police station on alabama avenue. the shots ring out a few blocks from a high school. there are reports the boy was a blue studelet's talk about the
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temperatures? >> it is so cold. stack ofteaming pancakes and a warm beverage and a thick blanket will not be get through the day today. the coldest day of the week so far. single digits in a few spots. gaithersburg. 16 in d.c. 12 right now in morningside. dayr skies throughout the with lots of sunshine. most areas will struggle to make it out of the 20's. a little bit of cloudiness will move in for the overnight hours tonight. i think we will see the 20's in d.c. clouds will be thicker on saturday. our next storm system moves in on sunday night.
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exchange file for bankruptcy protection this morning. a big portion of thelet me take.
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still tied. bradley beal shoots and scores at the buzzer. the buzzer beat him. let's go to three overtimes. the transition three ball. yes, sir. he had 20 points. wall had 31. john wall with the bucket. the wizards: to be toronto by five. the cap speak the panthers and stay in the playoff hunt. there is a look at sports. have a great day. >> great day for d.c. sports. this was yesterday. they have their sixth annual martin luther king jr. tribute concert. students were there at george washington university singing along to some great
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file. pretty significant delays. coming ins on 66 toward the beltway from route 50. pretty steady a long 295. new york avenue in down the net early brake lights because of construction at florida. now back over to you. >> it is so cold out. what a better place to be than to warm up at the movies? >> good morning. action in the air at the movies this weekend. [indiscernible] in 'nonstop." summit keeps taxing that they are going to kill somebody every 20 minutes. pretty soon
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